No Charcoal Needed

No Burner Required

Easy to Light

Agarwood, the scent of heaven.

A uniquely innovative solution to an age-old tradition

Agarwood, Aloeswood, Eaglewood or Oud are just some of the names given to what is one of the most expensive and rare natural raw materials known to man – the scent of heaven as it has been so enchantingly described.
Highly valued over thousands of years for its perfumed aroma, iOud, the Intelligent Incense Company, brings you these wonderful fragrances in convenient, easy-to-use, long-lasting, pure and blended incense solutions.

Innovative incenses that do away with the cumbersome, contaminating and time-consuming need for charcoal and burners – pure, natural aromas for the modern-day, savvy and astute customer.

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