Mission & Vision

To enhance the lives of all, in heightening their appreciation and experience of one of the wonders of the world, pure agarwood and the aroma of life itself.

Holding true to the values and principles of its founder, the late Sheikh/ Hamad Al-Dulaimi, iOud continues today to provide its stakeholders with high quality trusted and traditional products, which offer customers safe and secure solutions for using incense. All brought to life through a trusted and hard-working organisation with integrity at its heart, worn proudly on its sleeve.

In this endeavour, iOud has taken that commitment forward to evolve a vision of creativity and invention in bringing our customers, partners and personnel, a company that is, as it has always been – trusted, innovative and transparent in the creation and development of premium quality products that offer value in intelligent ways.

Trust – Build and foster trust by providing the highest quality products through dedicated customer service.

Transparency – Conduct business with integrity with open and honest communication. And

Innovation – Develop people and creative ideas to bring our customers unique and advanced solutions.

We look forward to extending these pledges to you in welcoming you to the wonderfully scented world of pure and blended natural agarwood.

iOud – intelligent incense

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