About us

Pure, premium grade Agarwood sourced sustainably from the beautiful island forests of Indonesia.

Stretching back thousands of years, the beautiful scent of pure natural Agarwood or Oud has permeated civilisations, cultures and communities with a sense of history and inherent fondness for the memories evoked through its whisperous, enigmatic aroma.

An aroma that emanates from the combustion of one of the most cherished and valuable raw materials known to man. A treasure often priced and prized more than gold.

For almost a century now the Al-Dulaimi family has strived to bring this wonder to the Arab world. Today, the fruit of those efforts, iOud the company, is driven more so to extend that invitation to the globe.

By investing heavily in its brand and business, as well as exploring new frontiers in scent with innovative technologies, iOud, the Intelligent Incense Company, has the vision and the venture to evolve the experience of aroma beyond its present boundaries.

Join us on this journey in discovering the intelligent scent experience..

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